Monday, October 5, 2009

Media Definitions

Anchorage: Any caption or description used to define an image
The anchorage makes the viewer understand the image in a more clear way

Cropping: Cutting or trimming a image in order to highlight key features of that certain image
To make sure the image fits perfectly, and to focus on a certain section, it must be cropped

Semiotics: Is analysing signs and visual images to generate a cultural meanings

The use of semiotics helps us to understand the hidden meaning from a gun - representing war, death

Juxtaposition: Is bringing two elements together for composition
Eastenders and Coranationstreet is an example of a juxtaposition

Mise-en-scene: Is the arrangements of all the elements in a scene such as props, facial expressions and settings
CLAMPS - Costume, lighting, acting, make up, props, setting

Homage: when a director uses ideas, techniques of another to pay tribute to them for their brilliant ideas
The film Blade Runner payed homage to another directer

Demographics: Is information concerning the social status, class, gender and age
The demographics of the film Oceans 11 is watched mostly by adults

Psychographics:The relates to personality, attitues, interests or lifestyles.
The psychographics of the film Back to the Future is watched mostly by people who enjoy Science fiction

Binary opposition: is classing two opposites in media
Good vs evil, life vs death is an example of Binary oppositions

Iconography: is using elements of a scene to distinguish its genre
Iconography shows the genre of a film

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